About Us

Our Story
When we started our business 14 years ago we were a small wholesale baking company in Santa Barbara, working out of a 350 square foot facility with one employee. We made a commitment from the very beginning that we would bake products of the highest possible quality using the best ingredients that we could find. Our special chocolate comes from Belgium and our lemon essence is imported from Germany.

We established ourselves quickly with our superior quality and personalized customer service. We grew rapidly and today we operate from a 2,500 square foot facility serving more than 300 active local retail customers. During our 14 years of operation, our 1 employee has grown to 40, and our hours of operation have expanded from 5 hours a day to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our original delivery car was the owner's family car - now replaced by 7 delivery trucks and vans.

Our product selection has grown from our initial 2 products to our current list of over 240 products, ranging from Muffins, Scones, Croissants, Danishes, Lemon Bars, Pecan Bars, Cookies, brownies, Walnut Streusel coffee bread, low-fat carrot zucchini coffee bread, specialty Rolls, Pretzels, Pretzel sticks, Biscotti, Pies, cheese cakes, and Quiches. For our web site customers, we have selected only the products that we feel will retain their freshness and tolerate the ordeal of shipping.

Our Commitment
100% Satisfaction guaranteed!
Our mission statement says it all: The entire staff at Santa Barbara Baking Company is here to provide the highest standard of quality baked products with the best available service for every single order. We take special care to select only the highest quality and most natural ingredients All of our products are made from scratch, using a mix of individual ingredients, and then baked. We do not use prepared mixes, unnatural dough enhancers, or chemical stabilizers. As a result, our products look and taste like homemade baked goods. Most importantly, every product you order will be made fresh and then will be shipped out immediately for your enjoyment. Santa Barbara Baking Company bakers take special pride in offering you fresh, upscale and distinguished baked goods.

We at Santa Barbara Baking Company guarantee our products 100%. That's how confident we feel about our quality and service . Simply call our number (805) 966-3504 should there be a problem with your order. You can feel assured that we stand behind our products completely and that we are committed to your satisfaction.

Our Customers
We started our wholesale baking company in 1992 offering local hotels and coffee houses in Santa Barbara our fresh, upscale, and affordable pastries for their patrons. The feedback we received from our customers and their guests was overwhelmingly positive and so we were able to grow each year since our opening. Hotels and motels are proud to serve our products to their guests - we often receive requests from visitors who want to take our products home with them. We have many loyal customers who would not think of celebrating a special occasion without Santa Barbara Baking Company goodies. Whether it is a birthday party, a holiday get-together, or simply a gift for a friend or family member, the SBBC is always the first choice for cakes and pastries for many people in the Santa Barbara area.

Today we have over 300 active customers including Trader Joe's, the Four Seasons Biltmore, the Bacara Hotel and Spa, upscale markets like Lazy Acres, and many hotels, motels, coffee houses, hospitals, schools, businesses, and friends, and and our delivery area ranges from Santa Barbara north to the Santa Ynez valley and south to Los Angeles.

Over the years we have expanded our initial product offering from Bavarian pretzels and specialty rolls to over 240 different varieties of baked pastries. We have selected for our Internet customers only those products that will stay fresh and that are safe to send through the mail. And remember that Santa Barbara Baking Company's commitment is to our customers' complete, 100% satisfaction.

Santa Barbara Baking Company is here for you. You can count on us for every special occasion including birthday parties, holiday celebrations, family get togethers, office parties; baby showers, school events, and so on.

Join us at Santa Barbara Baking Company's internet bakery and enjoy an easy and satisfying shopping experience each and every time you place an order.